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The boy's fa­ther said, "Oh, come on, that's just boy stuff." The mother, though, says, "You think I don't know my own daughter's handwriting? It was not as if they could refuse: their need desperate, the pills preventing their objection. "Ooh I like that," exclaimed Judith, "I bet that would feel fantastic on my clitoris. Stop again." She sat on the side of the bath by the wall, legs splayed and with the two men kneeling between them. " Keith aimed well and the hot torrent caught Judith just where she wanted." The boys really were not interested in jokes, they were in pain. She leant back against the tiled wall revelling in both the heat and force of the steady onslaught on her little nub; it was not so much a tickling little stream as a stinging hot jet, striking and bouncing off her to pour down into the bath.She could have enjoyed that for a long time but, inevitably, Keith's flow soon faltered and fell away to a weak trickle.

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It was a pleasant time sitting there in her lounge chatting away about this and that, about how the day had been, difficulties shared, amusing reminis­cences exchanged and all the while Judith had poured the lager. " The command released them, the pent up pressure of their lager filled bladders was unstopped, and between Gary and Keith two fountains shot up in the air to fall splashing down into the bath.It would be awful to find them both out, staying around Lou and Chloe's flats. She picked up the Blackberry and called Keith, "Have you anything on tonight," she asked."No, nothing," he'd replied, "just catching up on some work." "Well put a sock on it," she'd replied, "and come around for a drink at nine." A coded phrase but one which would mean exactly what it said!Young strong men with just an intriguing little pink (with green hearts) cotton pouch (or sock! " Her hands were stroking; she was playing with them, enjoying her teasing whilst they were in pain. "Judith please, I want to pee." Gary was pleading "Let me get my clothes off." Letting the penises go, Judith began to take her clothes off, neatly folding them on the chair, taking her time, teasing the young men.) covering their manhood and there she was still dressed in her business suit. " Her hands were fondling, there was no way the erections were going to subside. I know if I make you come then you'll go all soft and then you can wee. Naked, she pulled the two men to her feeling the hard warmth of their penises against her skin. You know, I could just bend over the settee and you two take me in turns." She made to bend over, her bottom round and inviting. " "Can't I just pee in here please Judith; it won't go on the floor but down the plughole? Judith smiled; she had been waiting for that suggestion.

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